WindowShadez™ Giveaway

If you want a more immersive gaming or web experience, free from things like ads, the browser menu, scroll bar and task bar cluttering your view, then WindowShadez™ is your answer. And you are in luck! I am giving away 100 free copies, to the first 100 folks that simply ask for one!

To get your free copy, while they last, follow the instructions below:

  1. Download and install WindowShadez™

  2. (Optional) Register your copy. By registering your copy, it turns the demo version (which does not save changes) into the full version, which will save changes to your WindowShadez™ layouts you create.
    To register your copy, simply send me an email and I will (for the first 100 folks) reply with your Registration Key.

  3. Usage - once you have installed WindowShadez™, you can either ... a) follow these instructions, b) follow along this youtube tutorial, or c) just figure it out on your own
    • Fire up your browser and go to your favorite gaming, social media or news site ... that annoys you with ads, banners or other clutter.
    • Launch WindowShadez™ (the install process creates a desktop icon for you), and check the Cover Task Bar and Peel Back Edges options
    • (Optional) If you have registered your copy, click: New (to start a new layout) and give it a name (in reference to the site you are on or game you are playing)
    • Click Add Color Shade, then choose a color that compliments the web site you are on. If you can't decide on a color, basic black is always good.
    • Click and drag (resize and reposition) the ColorShade window to cover just the content that you want to see. This may seem counter-intuitive, but makes sense after the next step.
    • In the ColorShade, right click and choose Invert ... and that's it! You see just what you want, and everything else is hidden.

  4. To access the taskbar or the scroll bar while WindowShadez™ is active, simply mouse over that area and it will reappear (thanks to that Peel Back feature). If you want to get back to the whole browser, just hover over the task bar and click the WindowShadez™ icon. That will "lower" all the shades and return you to your cluttered view. To bring the shades back up, just click the WindowShadez™ icon again.

So, nothing's free right? What's the catch? Well, I would appreciate some feedback on your WindowShadez™ experience, but it is not required ... so, ya, it really is free.

So, why give it away? Well, I've gone through the cost and trouble of getting a digital certificate to be able to "sign" the file you download, so it is from a "known" developer (Software Specialties), yet some browsers and virus protection software are wary of files that "are not commonly downloaded" and can report some scary warnings to users downloading said files. So, it is my hope that through this promotion (and maybe a couple to follow), that my install file will become "commonly downloaded" and less scary. Really, that is it.

For more information, you can email me at: or check out or check out my youtube channel for more in-depth tutorials.

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